Luxury Handmade Candles

Botanist and Leopard, Edinburgh designs and crafts luxury handmade scented soy candles an ideal luxury gift for him or her.

Follow Botanist & Leopard through their adventures in fragrance. From sun soaked floral clearings, to the halcyon heights of the Himalayas, to luxuriously lavish libraries. 

Our candles are made from 100% sustainable soy wax, created with

superior scent throw, a crackling wooden wick, and an average burn time of 50 hours.  Hand poured in small batches in our Edinburgh studio.

Botanist's Bouquet


Leopard's Realm


Explorer's Library



Botanist & Leopard

67 Rose Street, Edinburgh EH2 2NH

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When Botanist met Leopard

The year is unclear, what we can piece together from the fragments of an old weather worn diary is that our Botanist found Leopard as a cub, alone and frightened in the jungle. It soon became clear the rest of its family had fallen prey to ruthless poachers. Not wanting to leave the creature to its own devices and very uncertain future, he took the cub in. Soon it crystallised that Leopard’s fine nose and fervour complimented Botanist’s studies and search for the rarest of fragrant plants quite magnificently. And so Botanist found in Leopard at first a pupil thirsty for knowledge, and later an equal partner in adventure and exploration.

These scents are a homage to their adventures and story: the places they traveled and the many wonders that inspired them along the way...